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Wedding is a time for celebration, jubilation and joy. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of two individuals who are now destined to live the rest of their lives together. The respective families of these two individuals unite to celebrate the ceremony and to shower blessings on the newlyweds. However this celebration of happiness also involves a lot of stress, stringent timelines and hard work. This is where FEELINGS EVENTS comes in as your personal Wedding Planner, to manage your scale and style of wedding.
Our Wedding Planners at FEELINGS EVENTS bring equal style and detail to every moment - consulting, designing & coordinating and executing everything from the venue to the theme from the beginning to the end. The Wedding Planners at FEELINGS EVENTS work closely with you and your family to develop a wedding that is uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and individual taste. Whether you wish for a small and intimate affair, a large scale royal production, or an exotic destination wedding, the Wedding Planners at FEELINGS EVENTS will make your wedding special and memorable and most importantly unique. We take pride in our ability to create the perfect experience, blending Indian traditions with current international trends. Our wedding planning services cater to all cultures, budgets, styles and sizes.
FEELINGS EVENTS Wedding Planning Services range from creating a budget, wedding checklist, providing ideas, inspiration, helping choose the right wedding vendors, and much more. The Wedding Planners at FEELINGS EVENTS help you conceptualize and create the theme and vision you have for your wedding. FEELINGS EVENTS, wedding & party planners, New Delhi help you suggest and chalk out your Honeymoon packages detailing from selecting destinations to other amenities - boarding & lodging costs, sightseeing options & many more.

Wedding Planning

Our wedding planning services are designed to make your most special day into a euphoric extravaganza. From personalized invites that will charm your guests to entertainment options that will add a zing to your wedding day. Our wedding planners will offer you and your loved ones memories of a lifetime.

Wedding Decors

Owing to our traditional values and the social significance attached, weddings in India beckon for a celebration replete in beauty, At FEELINGS Weddings, we understand your aesthetic needs and make your wedding ceremony a resplendent one with our floral decorations and other thematic decorations. From a contemporary to a traditional ceremony. Our wedding decorators will ensure that the celebrations blooms with beauty.

Wedding Catering

From a formal sit down meal to a relaxed barbeque on the beach, our wedding caterers ensure that the menu in your wedding will leave your guests craving for more. Be it a lavish buffet or a fun-filled five course meal, we bring flavors from around the world and customize a menu that will suit the taste of your guests.


From fireworks to entertainment options in closed group cocktails, FEELINGS Weddings offers a range of entertainment options to keep your guests amused and make it a fun-filled extravaganza for them. We cater to your needs and come up with ideas and arrange for artists based on your requirements.